John Wehmer


John Wehmer signing catalogs in Chicago at McCormick Gallery. Photo by Thomas McCormick. The catalogs, shown below, are available. Please call (573) 449-4493.


John Wehmer returned from World War II to find the Washington University Art Department alive with energy and innovation. Under the leadership of powerful postwar painters like Max Beckmann, Philip Guston, Werner Drewes and Paul Burlin, the students were encouraged toward abstraction and intense personal expression. The intellectual leadership of faculty art historians H.W.Janson and Frederick Hartt also brought international insights to the campus.

The older GI students and their ground-breaking female counterparts responded enthusiastically to the work ethic and the atmosphere in the Art Department at Washington University. And after almost ten years of commitment, John Wehmer’s personal style coalesced into a major voice in 1950’s American Expressionist painting.

Catalogs (shown above) are available.

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